About Us

We are a leading company in the Middle East and North Africa, established in 2014 by a qualified staff having experience and specialized in supplying and installing electrical equipment owing to industry for more than 25 years.

KMT is an independent company that has shown continued strength and success. we provide a "turn key project" for control and electrical power engineering solutions to a number of major clients across a variety of industry sectors in Egypt and middle east.

Is able to offer a comprehensive range of services form control system design, Integration, retrofitting and developed , through control panel manufacturing , distribution panels , test and field installation , to commissioning, customers training and support.

Has always maintained a strong relationship with suppliers and partners a like. His allows us to keep up to date with the latest technologies, enabling the possible service and support to be passed on to our customers

Has proven through the years its success in their technical experience and market studies and now it has been transformed to a multinational company through Europe and another Middle East countries

Why Choose Us?

Over many years and a number of projects , our record of accomplishment demonstrates that we have the skill simple control applications . Companies who demand the best are calling upon our positive approach . Most of our clients return to us repeatdly with repeat orders. We have been awarded as "best service after the sale" from many of our customers,. We are hoping that you would be one of our valuable customers and give us the honor to give you our experience to help you improve your plant for the latest update of technologies in the field of electrical automation and power solution.