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About Us.

About KMT

We are a leading company in the MENA region, specialized in supplying and installing electrical products and equipment for automation, industrial control and power distribution.

We cover almost all market segments on top of which are industry, infrastructure, and energy.

Our founders have over 25 years of proven technical, commercial and management experience locally, regionally, and internationally. In 2014 , the Company was incorporated in Zahraa Al-Maadi, Cairo, with a focus on engineering, contracting, and commercial activities.

All these years of experience in electrical and engineering excellence across Egypt and the Middle East have positioned KMT to understand clients’ specific project needs no matter how sizable the project is.

KMT’s philosophy tends to build and retain client loyalty, which boosts our loyalty to our business partners. With a global network of suppliers, we bring best-in-class products and knowledge to our clients, including our main business partner Rockwell Automation – Allen-Bradley. Therefore, we have become its sole Distributor and Agent in Egypt. 

KMT leverages a workforce of over 80 persons covering all technical, commercial and logistics-related matters. Overtime, our workforce shows steady quantitative and qualitative growth, creating a deep sense of comfort and confidence in a brighter future.

KMT focuses heavily on investing in people and seeks state-of-the-art ERP systems to optimize operations.

Having penetrated the market with over 5,000 stock items, KMT is more than just a product supplier. KMT leverages a wide network of global partners and offers clients various products, technologies, services and support..

KMT offers a wide spectrum of services for clients ranging from control system design, integration, retrofitting and development to control panel manufacturing; distribution panel testing, installation and commissioning; and  client trainings and support.

KMT maintains a solid relationship with suppliers and partners; therefore, we always ensure steady use of state-of-the-art technologies, enabling us to provide world class services and support to our clients.

Overtime, KMT has proven its technical and market research success, so it is perfectly positioned now to penetrate regional and international markets through its sister company in Germany to enhance its outreach to Europe.

With a proven track record of steady success, KMT is a deserving company, which provides control and electrical power engineering "Turnkey Solutions" for a number of high caliber clients across industrial sectors in Egypt and the Middle East.

KMT’s mission is to enhance the profitability of  client businesses by providing top quality products and services that add value to their operation and enhance ROI.

  • Commitment to ensuring that the services and supplies provided by KMT satisfy customers’ needs and expectations (high quality and best price to performance ratio)
  • Commitment to steady improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to ensure awareness of customer requirements across the Company
  • Commitment to improving performance and technical skills and awareness of the employees
  • Commitment to continuous work to achieve the state-of-the-art technology

Why Choose Us?

Our proven track record demonstrates that we have the set of skills that companies need as well as a robust approach towards what we do. Most of our clients order our services and solutions recurrently. We have been recognized by our clients as "World-Class After Sale Service", so do not hesitate to be one of our valuable clients and allow us to utilize our experience in helping you improve your facility through state-of-the-art technologies in the field of electrical automation and power solution.

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