We're glad to be a part of Abu Qir’s Ceremony of KMT’s successful performance of the scope of work for “F&G Detection and Alarm System at Onshore MEDIEA Plant”.

We would like to seize the opportunity and recognize the hard work and excellent performance of both Technical and Sales Teams . This wouldn't have been done without their hard and dedicated work.

Our CENTERLINE® 2500 IEC Low Voltage motor control centers (MCCs) are designed to meet global application requirements.

By combining a smaller footprint and comprehensive type testing, the CENTERLINE 2500 MCCs help meet the needs of customers.

Our MCCs also help meet the global demand for factory-ready, space-, energy-, and cost-efficient motor control solutions.

Thanks, Eng. Ahmed Ramdan

A report on the participation of KMT for Industrial Services in EGYPS 2022 in its fifth session,

Which was inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The report was broadcast through “Al-Hayat Alyoum” program.

Sunday 21-2-22 , 8:15 PM

Mobadra Presentation

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